Root Extraction

The extractor represents an innovative system allowing gentle, secure and easy extraction of the root of the tooth. With conventional instruments, there is the risk of loosing valuable buccal bone.

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The Extractor is positioned on the adjacent crowns: The opening of the round, revolvable segment plate is adjusted in vestibular direction ensuring a good view of the extraction screw. After the traction rope has been hooked into the extraction screw, it is guided over the reverse roller and .xed to the hook of the extraction slide. Under slight traction - so that the rope does not hang out - the instrument is placed on the adjacent teeth by turning the hand screw. During positioning it is important to see that both the screw and the rope do have the same axial direction.

Once the extractor is positioned properly, the extraction is carried out by turning the hand screw. In case of strong, long roots the periodontal .bres have to be pre-stretched during 30 seconds by applying a sub-maximum traction. According to circumstances, the short or long extraction screw with screwing support is inserted. Strong, large roots must be loosened/ luxated by axial movements within 30 seconds, using a slim periotome. Without using transversal movements. In case of multi-rooted teeth, the roots are divided and extracted separately Drilling with the diamond-coated twist drill should be in the axis and center of the root fragment. It should be approx. 7 mm in the hard tissue; deeper drilling will not be necessary. Drilling is performed with water-cooling. In order to remove drilling chips more easily, an inward and outward movement is recommended for deep drilling.

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